Why J.K. Rowling is the BEST

12 thoughts on “Why J.K. Rowling is the BEST”

  1. What intrigues me is how many different feelings you as a reader experience when going through this series. I read them all when they first came out and found them quite good. I re-read them a few years ago — probably more through the eyes of a writer — and was stunned. She’s a master plotter!!

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    1. YES I completely agree! I’m currently reading then thorough the eyes of a writer and that’s probably why I’m blown away! There’s truly so much to learn from Harry Potter, about worldbuilding, creating characters, inciting emotions, etc. I’m glad you agree with my analysis, it reassures my judgment of J.K. Rowling!


  2. I remember reading Goblet of Fire the first time and just becoming totally immersed in the writing. One night I read from the events leading up to the first try-wizard event, straight through the dragons, and I just totally lost my present surroundings. It was a fantastic escape. When I finally realized I had lost myself I was just like, Woooah.

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