Game Of Thrones Season 7

“Shall we begin?” –D.T.  What a great ending to the first episode. I don’t watch any movies or television, except G.O.T, for good reason. It’s arguably the best show ever made. Ever. (And this might be the shortest blog post I’ve ever made. Ever. 😅 Back to the writing cave.) Cheers!

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Please Edit Your Book… =/

As I grow as a writer, I grow as a reader. (What comes first, the chicken or the egg?) However, I also recognize a third change, or variable: my patience. It grows thin for terrible writing. Teenage (North American) school girls would describe the phenomena as, “I can’t even!” Seriously. I just can’t. When I […]

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Story Weaving

Writing a story is akin to weaving a quilt that provides maximum comfort to your audience. Each idea, a cotton boll, is picked and placed in a basket. The cotton is spun into thread. Thousands of threads are then woven into sheets: large collections of coherent ideas to be cut into bits. After arranging the bits, you […]

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Creativity, a Sponge

I’ve come to realize, creativity behaves like a sponge. In between uses, while I’m immersed in beautiful literature, the sponge becomes saturated. It drips. Yearns to be squeezed. Then, I get writing, squeezing every last drop until the sponge is a desert. Through its face, what starts to build, are chasms. Creativity temporarily dried, I […]

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How do you Plot?

A question for writers: How do you plot? Please share your tricks and methods to keep everything organized! I’m trying to devise an approach for myself. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.   Cheers, Thomas J. Benedict   Note: Wow, has some great answers to writing questions.

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Poem: Day of Ragnarök

Come, they come, to wage us war, Walls have been broken, flames devour. It started with peace. It started in silence. Without speaking, I watched the following: Dusting awake the plowing field Were seeds of ebony watered in ground. They grew, and they grew into darkness: Leaves sprang up like hands from hell They awaited […]

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New to Writing

  Near the end of my science degree, I discovered the genre Fantasy. It was amazing. I found the language, concepts, and deep meanings (themes) very appealing. And, I was sick of science research. Why? Long story. What I find ironic is, as a science student in research, I gained exposure to writing. Of course, […]

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