How do you Plot?

A question for writers:

How do you plot?

Please share your tricks and methods to keep everything organized! I’m trying to devise an approach for myself. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.



Thomas J. Benedict


Note: Wow, has some great answers to writing questions.


19 thoughts on “How do you Plot?

  1. It’s not a lot of planning, or organisation for that matter – as I’ve found if I focus too much on that, I’ll lose myself in it rather than the story itself – but for all mediums, like short stories or novels, I’ll have the same method. I’ll use Scrivener, which is a fantastic program for writers, and have several documents for general notes, characters, settings, and an outline. It’s basic templates for the characters and settings, and the outline will be bullet-pointed scenes of the whole story/book. As I write the story, the breaks or chapters will decide for themselves. Though, I’ve found, when I plan, sometimes the story, characters, whatever, will stray away from it anyway. It is more of a basis, so I have some idea of what to write!

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    1. Thanks! I definitely use Scrivener for the writing process, however, the index card method wasn’t working for me. But I figured out pen and paper is the best method for myself when it comes to plotting. And then I learned to upload that information onto Scriv.
      I’m going to incorporate your tips here, though.

      Thank you for sharing! ^_^ I appreciate​ your help!

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    2. Hey Kat,
      I was reading about your editing service and saw that you don’t edit anything that features rape. So out of curiosity, I must ask, does that mean you also don’t read books that feature such violence (i.e. Game of Thrones)?

      I initially became interested in Fantasy because of Game of Thrones (Daenerys is badass, woot!). But I’ve come to realize, there are lots of Fantasy fans and writers who believe George R.R. Martin’s work is too violent. I find this phenomenon interesting, mostly because I once believed EVERY SINGLE Fantasy fan, like myself, also loved A Song of Ice and Fire.

      Cheers 🙂

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      1. Hi Thomas,

        I do read the Game of Thrones books. I can take violence, depending on the type of violence that it is. As they do feature rape too, I tend to either skim-read/skip them. I’ve only read the first two books, and while they are violent, I think the depiction in the series heightens that already existing violence. It’s an interesting book series in that it features all the great stuff like dragons and different lands, but I think he should tone down the graphicness of sex and violence, at least!


      2. I agree that it’s an interesting series. I think what draws me the most is the world, like you said, dragons and many different lands. I personally like the graphic adult material because it shines a light on things humans have done–and still do–in some parts of the world. Even today.

        I started the first book, but couldn’t finish it because it was right after watching the first season of the TV show. Major plot points were too similar for me to enjoy reading it. However, I’m planning on giving it another shot soon, since I’ve long forgotten details of the first book. The TV show is hands down my favourite show, EVER.

        A good author will leave a unique impression on each individual reader. GRRM has succeeded 🙂


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      3. I agree that he knows how to tell a story, and create all those different characters – it is quite amazing – and that sometimes you should highlight the problems and barbaric things people have done, but I suppose I would prefer were not AS graphic. There are a few scenes in the series, which I’m not sure if they are the same in the books, which did make me think they could’ve been dialled down. However, like you say, he does leave a unique impression. I do look forward to reading the rest of the series; though they are terribly long!

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      4. Yes! Understandable why the show would write its own version from now on — unless Martin has revealed parts of the final books.


  2. Thanks for the support! It means a ton! If you are ever interested, I’d love to have you as a guest and we can discuss writing. It could either be through a blog post or through a skype call since I am preparing to start having podcasts integrated into some of my posts. Let me know if you are interested.


  3. i am in a similar process myself………recently, i am trying to rethink aspects of the same story, like that movie “vantage point”…….just to see if i can keep track of things……and all i have learned is……it get complicated when we try to force things……..not a great insight….but that’s all i have. 🙂 🙂

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