Poem: Day of Ragnarök

Come, they come, to wage us war, 
Walls have been broken, flames devour. 
It started with peace. It started in silence. 
Without speaking, I watched the following:
Dusting awake the plowing field
Were seeds of ebony watered in ground.
They grew, and they grew into darkness:
Leaves sprang up like hands from hell
They awaited snow and rainfall
For these ebony plants grew swords,
Grew shields as leaves, Spears as stems.
Undoubtedly the plants were gorgeous.
All around their perimeter,
Were gathering warriors harvesting fruits,
Picking axes and weapons as plums.
Wars were fought over ownership,
But the plants belong to the gods.
They spread seeds upon land upon sand,
More swords, shields and spears sprang,
Spreading violence and bloodshed,
Preparing the world, 
For warriors to die in battle...
And join the fight in Asgard,
The fight against giants
On the day of Ragnarök.
But today, the day has come,
For walls have been broken,
And flames devour. 
I scream to the sky, to the clouds, and the gods.
They hear my words and approach.
With ebony plants burning on earth,
War cries and blood pierce our ears.
But the sky, clouds and gods sing a song, 
A melody of hope,
For behold, the men of Valhalla.
So I grit my teeth and yell, saying,
"Come, they come, the Valkyries,
Fire in blood, axe in hand,"
Their swords glisten under morning sun,
Where Odin commands his bastion.
"Come, they come, the Valkyries,"
Flying at speed to the ebony plants,
They water the flames, which sizzle.
They gather ebony fruits and leaves: 
Axes, swords, spears and shields.
Armed, the fire-born men of Valhalla, 
And Thor’s majestic hammer, 
March together as regal as ever
To fight the invading giants.
Valkyries blossom in battle,
They spread their wings,
Spilling beauty and gold.
They cut, slash and hack at the invaders.
Giants fall as leaves in autumn.
Blood spills. Jottenheim suffers. 
Valhalla floods the seas upon Asgard.
In silence, I watch the future unravel.
For the giants have come 
To spill the blood of the Gods.
Come, they come to break the wall,
They come to wage us war.
Biting my tongue, 
Shivering in fear, I watch Asgard regain control.
But fear dissolves like sea salt.
Odin, the almighty, blinks his eye and clears the fog, yelling
"Fear no more, 
They fear axe, they fear sword!"
Odin, the father, blinks his eye once more
Ravens and crows flap wings and assault 
For Valkyries have arrived,
Come, they come,
They bring the end of time.


This particular poem is based on Norse mythology, but it also has components I created, which may justify giving it a ‘Fantasy Status.’

From time to time, I’ll be posting more poems. My ‘writer’s block’ comes in strange ways: My brain switches from novel writing mode to poetry, songs, etc. And (un)fortunately, because I’m currently writing fantasy, my brain only writes battle and war poems.


Thanks for reading,

-Thomas J. Benedict-



16 thoughts on “Poem: Day of Ragnarök

      1. Lol. I’m sure that is not a problem. I can’t remember the name of what I write. It’s basically nothing. Since I can’t remember lines verses when to do what. I write what comes up and go with that. Apparently it’s acceptable, yep.


      2. I personally liked your poetry! So I also think whatever you’re doing is ‘acceptable,’ and beyond.

        I usually start with a random concept or a string of rhymes and build upon my poem over days. Sometimes I leave it for weeks and return.

        I guess the beauty of poetry is you can do whatever you want and it will still be art!


      3. I think that’s the truth of it in a nutshell. I write what comes to mind. I don’t think about the mechanics of it, or it would spoil the effort and effect lol.


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